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Nobody likes to have car trouble.  Absolutely nobody.  The only thing that makes car trouble tolerable is the comfort in knowing exactly where you are going to bring it and exactly who is going to look at it.  Then, the only thing that helps beyond that is knowing your car is in great hands.  However, that only works if those hands belong to someone named Santora.


Only Santora’s Auto Care Performance can take care of anything you might be driving.  Whether it’s a classic Corvette or a Cadillac XTS, we can fix it.  Whether it’s a Lexus or a low rider, there is only one place in eastern Pennsylvania that takes care of anything on four wheels, even six wheels.

Reading to Royersford, Allentown to Morgantown

If you are anywhere in the Berks County area, and maybe even a little outside, Santora’s is the place for all of your car care issues and repairs.  Our computer diagnostic equipment allows us to figure out what is wrong in only a fraction of the time it used to take.  That means we can instantly order what parts are necessary if we don’t already have them in stock.  That means you will be getting your car back maybe by the end of the day instead of by the end of the week, which might be what happens if you take your car to someone else.

It’s also about your time.  We know how much you depend on your car, and that’s why we care enough to get you back behind the wheel ASAP.  No car means your kids are missing activities, and you might have a smaller paycheck next week from missed days at work.  We know all about it, and that’s why we care.

Santora's Auto Care Performance

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